Video: How To Get Your Script Read

By April 3, 2013 3 Comments

At ScreenCraft’s exclusive seminar on screenwriting and producing outside the studio system, legendary producer Cassian Elwes and his fellow panelists Matt Miller, Adam Simon, Sean Covel and Chris “Doc” Wyatt discuss how to get your script read.

If you missed the event, check out the recap and see more videos on our Youtube page.

Stay tuned for news on our next seminar.


  • Harry B says:

    I get that idea of inter-dependent film, but I wish the topic of how to get your script read had been covered more. Not everyone can go stand in line at Sundance and frankly that strikes me as pie in the sky thinking, that you’ll meet someone in line who will want to read your script and has the contacts you don’t have to get it to the right hands. I think you could do a whole seminar on how to get your script read.

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