Video: Do Film Festivals Still Matter?

By April 3, 2013 6 Comments

At ScreenCraft’s exclusive seminar on producing and screenwriting outside the studio system, veteran producer Cassian Elwes discusses which film festivals still matter, how dealmaking has changed, and what that all means for your script.

If you missed the event, check out the recap and see more videos on our Youtube page.

Stay tuned for news on our next seminar.


  • Talia says:

    This is a great panel discussion that highlights the nuances of change within the industry and how we as filmmakers must be ready to evolve in stride. Definitely want to check out your next seminar. Thanks.

  • saphirax29 says:

    Interesting take on festivals and why they matter, particularly for indie film. Never heard any of this at film school. Maybe you should do a seminar on whether film schools matter….

    • John Rhodes says:

      ha! we’d have to have the seminar at a venue other than a film school.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, that would be a worthy topic. What’s so interesting about the film industry is that no two career paths are alike. The people that make it all find success in singular ways, even if they share key factors with many others. In my case, I would say that no, film schools don’t matter. If I had it to do over again, I would’ve been a lit major, but then again film school has made an immeasurable difference for many, so who knows.

  • Dave says:

    It’s really daunting that with such a plethora of independent films being made in this new climate there are only a handful of festivals that actually have the potential to get your movie distributed.

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