How to Send Your Screenplay to a Hollywood Producer

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So you want to sell your screenplay to a Hollywood producer?


It’s easier said than done, but here are some important steps to increase your chances.

  1. Get your screenplay into the best shape possible.  “I know, but my screenplay is already perfectly awesome!” you say.  Well, the truth is that it’s going to go through many re-writes before it ever sees production.   So look yourself in the mirror and double down; it’s time to make this thing even better.  This means re-writing, listening to notes from readers, and re-writing again.  Then read blogs, books and quotes about screenwriting and revise your screenplay again.  Writing is re-writing as they say.   Just facing that page by yourself and getting into the deeply imaginative process of writing is one of the most challenging things about the craft.  It can be a very isolating process.  Facing rejection and the psychological difficulty of creating a compelling story is not easy!  But there are techniques you can learn (from services like ours) to be a great storyteller.  When you’re sure it’s a blockbuster just waiting to be produced, get it read by a reputable, experienced Hollywood reader.  Readers can be interns or assistants at studios, or professional readers (such as at ScreenCraft!) who provide professional analysis.  But remember – everybody has opinions.  Seek out and only listen to the most experienced, informed opinions.  The entertainment industry changes dramatically every year, so it’s best to get somebody who is currently working at a production company or studio.   Then, when it’s re-written again, you’re probably ready to have it considered by a literary agent, manager or producer.  But to whom do you send your screenplay?  making-a-movie
  2. Sending your screenplay as an “unsolicited submission” is about as effective as putting it in a bottle and throwing out to sea.  The best way to get it into the hands of a decision-maker at a studio is to hand it to somebody who knows somebody.  Don’t know anybody who “knows somebody?”  Here at ScreenCraft, our consultants ARE the studio executives and working Hollywood producers.  They’ll either love the script and enter into a purchase negotiation, or they’ll give you detailed notes about what worked and didn’t work in the script.  Our consultants will speak with authority on how to improve a script’s quality and marketability, assessing the current market potential for your screenplay.  Writers expect a high level of quality from us that goes far beyond the generic, cookie-cutter notes they may find with other notes services. We offer a range of premium services, including coached pitch sessions, custom screenplay presentation material, submission strategy, and potential access to a valuable network of industry insiders.
  3. Alternatively, you can research similar projects and look up the writers on each project (using a service such as IMDB or StudioSystem).  By reaching out to these writers’ agents, managers and lawyers, you might be able to get some assistant on the phone who decides to take a look at your screenplay.
  4. The next best option is to go directly to “talent” (as they say in Hollywood), because with a famous actor or director attached to your project, you’ll immediately catch the attention of producers.  However don’t just SAY you have an actor attached, because producers will see through that in a heartbeat — with a simple phone call to an agency a producer will determine if your claims are substantiated.

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  • Peter Avbodoke says:

    It’s good to know that your kind are in place. Well I’m a Screenwriter based in Nigeria. I just finished working on a spec script that I want to pass across to a company in Hollywood, that’s good in animation movies.


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